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Grief Support

When someone we love dies, often there is huge gap, a chasm that appears. This gap, this chasm, is called "grief."  We are here to help be "your bridge," gently leading you in your time of need. 




"When my husband died, I thought I would too.  How would I possibly find my way in this “new world” without him?  Reluctantly, I attended bereavement counseling and now wonder how I would have survived without it. My counselor “held the hope” for me for a future she helped me define; a future in which I am whole, only occasionally lost, and can hold the hope myself that I will continue heal and grow.  I am forever grateful to Hospice for their compassionate guidance.

-Carol Kiehn Kirkey




"Two months after our son died, we chose to ask for help with our grief.  We realized we were not coping with our loss too well and would not nor could not try and "just get over it" or believe as some people told us, "in time you will get over it."  Sometimes "time" makes it worse.  We knew that it was important to experience grief and not "stuff it" because we've known such things to come back and be much more difficult to deal with even many years later.


We also know that grief is something no one can do for us, but we found in our experience with Helios Care, there is a lot of help through that difficult journey of grieving.  We wanted to talk about and remember our son, but felt it was difficult for those friends of ours with whom we might be talking. They wanted to help and comfort us but we felt it put them on the spot because they did not know what to do or say and sometimes were embarrassed.  We had a need to talk about what we were feeling.


When we were with our grief counselor Bernadette, we found one who was always willing to listen to our feelings.  We could say anything to her without fear of any judgement or prejudice.  This was always a safe place to be.  She was able to be objective and was always there to support us.  She was ready to allow us to cry and hand us a tissue.  Many times she suggested that we try thinking in a different or more positive way or try to remember our son as he lived and would want for us to live now.  We needed to find the new normal for our lives.


It is impossible to list or enumerate the specific examples of how we were helped or how someone else might be helped, but we will be eternally grateful for the loving support and help we received.  We still have grief, but it is no longer as raw and hurting as it once was.  We certainly would encourage anyone having to deal with the loss of a loved one to seek out grief support.  At least, give it a try."

-Shirley and Lynn


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Call us anytime, night or day ‒ 607.432.5525